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December 25, 2012
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Aebr - Reve's Heart Chrt by faluu Aebr - Reve's Heart Chrt by faluu
EDIT: Added more relations and changed descriptions to more detailed ones!


shgdhshgsd so small my eyes i can't



:iconseicee: Fumie: Tuner by pastry contract. They're both albinos and get along quite well. Had a previous scuffle but things are getting better! Comfy relationship. Fumie seems to worry a lot. Reve feels a drive to defeat her words that said it was too early for Reve to challenge a C rank, but I guess that's just because Reve wants to make his tuner proud. Or show off. They're both kiddies. LAUGH.

Darryl: Friend and mechanic helping mentor. Teaches Reve about Trek mechanics.

:iconsigiplz:Sigi: FANBOY SQUEAL //CRUSH //SUPREME RESPECT nuff said. Sends admiration fanmail and also slightly stalkerish in that as a fan... well... let's just say his information network can't be underestimated. Sigi has also saved Reve once from the hands of Topsy.

Rowen: Near every single time they meet Rowen encounters a sort of sad Rowen. Feels bad, but that doesn't stop him from challenging him to a parts war!

Jarrik: First known about as Fumie fangirls about Jarrik. However they've met once in a game of tag and man is he fast.

:iconaxureplz: Cougar: First encounter was composed of a complicated misunderstanding between Theta and Cougar's gender. It ticked Reve that she broke a few of his romantic ideals in the scuffle. Later they tried to make up which was going smoothly with the Dominion Round but then it was shattered yet again as Reve found out Cougar cheated. Next meetings were a mix of a lot of complicated issues with fights, and sometimes they get along too. It's not so bad, it's just that Cougar's the only one to ever get on his nerves so much. He does care though and he won't miss the chance to challenge Cougar in a variety of things, even tea ceremonies LAUGH.

:iconthetaplz: Theta: First met by the above misunderstanding about Cougar. They also had a whacky adventure that involved Basil but overall they get along. One time he cracked and teased Theta about her getting fat though. But overall he's pretty fond over this friend, maybe he just doesn't show it.

Basil: Strange rather scary guy that always battles Trix. Seems a bit mean with Trix but overall actually quite gentle, hugs, talks and all were ok.

Trix: At first Reve considered Trix a lunatic Lunar King because of the battle with Basil... but somehow or another they encountered each other on rooftops, and despite the chase, cling, scream events they ended up splashing each other wet, gross sobbing and eating tea and mochi together. Reve knows where Trix lives and one of Trix's secrets, they also own a pet Venus Fly Trap called Fluffy... might be their baby. Most of the time he has fun with Trix and Chiko as a non-blood related family, he feels very comfy and relaxed around Trix despite being awed by all the strange things and often occurring laughable misunderstandings but they have a good relationship. Trix often saves Reve like a hero, which Reve feels guilty over but definitely respects. He's pretty fond of Trix... Recent encounters though... seem to indicate a sort of distance Trix has been creating. Is it because of Vehemence?

:iconsantaabplz: Santa: Though Reve rarely encounters Santa, their meetings pretty much consist of very hypertastic events. Santa is also dubbed Captain Floor, but is also a sort of older brother in a sense. He's pretty fond despite the weird.

Phase: Reve admires Phase at first for his fashion sense and chameleon hoodie. They met at the Hachiko Park, and Phase also introduced him to his territory and a shop he owns with all kinds of clothing. Phase made him a chameleon-in-training which Reve was excited to be; he does want to learn from the skilled riders. He is also one of the first people to see him without his blindfold and Reve feels Phase is someone that he can trust and confide in.

:iconorionabplz: Hades: Mr.Orion. His teacher in parkouring and trek rides across roofs and yonder. Reve deeply respects the flexible yet strong crisp moves Hades does even without treks. Though when asked for his own 'moves' Reve was rather flustered, it drives him to search for his own road. Hades is helping with that, being an official student he spends time in and out of his daily life with the harsh training and repetition. Little does he know that his sensei is a psychotic murderer but then again Reve seems to always be oblivious to dangers. LAUGH.

:icontopsybot: Topsy: Topsy image of being either psychotic or sadistic is permanently embedded in his mind. He remembers nearly being solf of for 5 dollars or more, tied to a stick and falling down the roof of the hospital. Not to mention his next meeting with this infamous rider consisted of Topsy throwing tables down, wasting food and dragging Zig like a caveman. Although a misunderstanding occurred and now Reve thinks Topsy and Zig is an item.

Shinri: Shinri and Reve have a slightly competitive relationship, but they get along well despite the mismatched and full of brawls and accusations first meeting of theirs. He seems very awed by the prosthetic leg Shinri has and respects his knowledge as a mechanic. Though dislikes Shinri's attitude sometimes and teases his eating habits. Reve is currently working part time to test run some of Shinri's new models of air treks at his uncle's private garage.

:iconwrymouthplz: Seth: He first encountered Seth as he was doing some tuning charity work over at a skatepark. Finding out Seth was a part of Team Nilfeim increased his respect and spazz points to near max. Seth and Reve have a very touchy feel relationship; definitely Seth's influence as Seth also taught him to kiss people. Overall Reve is very very fond of Seth despite frequently getting called a shitty low rank rider. Reve respects Seth very much, he also aims to become B rank as fast as he can to gain Seth's approval. Although all this respect and fondness can backfire when Seth goes over the border with his insults; to the point of Reve's personality snapping and turning slightly sadistic and darkly serious. Reve also thinks Seth and Gareki are an item.

Chiki: Reve and Chiki are fashion buddies as they hang out and shop together. He's pretty fond and sometimes asks questions about fashion, roads or the meaning of plants with her.

Soubi: Reve once stalked Soubi for baffling his mind by buying lingerie despite being a man! Reve doesn't know Soubi is a King/Queen but he is definitely fond of him for being sweet and caring.

Dawson: He remembers Dawson as being a strangely respected authority of some sort as Trix, Zig and even others despite having wild personalities shrink back and listen to her words with intense attention. Reve hasn't met her too often but she seems like a nice lady despite slightly scary or strong.

Zig: Zig was first confronted by a bunch of kids as he waited in front of a sex shop, despite pedo misunderstandings it was resolved by Dawson as she clarified him as a pervert and quieted things down. Reve respects Zig as being his supposed guide to 'manhood' as Zig says and they even went as far as go to a bar and drink alcohol and kiss women's hands.

Takuma: Takuma and Reve have played with sparklers together in the snow and have had other encounters, but it became a bit more complicated when Takuma accidentally took Reve's blindfold off. He got a punch for that and now Reve has become wary despite his friendly approach to calm things down. Their next encounter though didn't end as nicely as Reve was cracked and slightly sadistic. Takuma seems to also be extremely wary of Reve now, and they both stole each other's belongings. Reve's blindfold now is in Takuma's hands and Takuma's scarf in his.

:iconmachikoplz: Machiko: At first she was shy Ms.Chicken Nuggets, but then she became part of the clumsy ChikoTrixReve family. Reve finds Machiko strangely smart yet also sometimes not that smart either. Sometimes Chiko is reliable, and sometimes she's the exact opposite. They both know Trix's apartment and also have had adventures on rooftops and falling from windows. He's pretty comfy and fond with her. They've even washed in the bathroom together! Reve feels that he should feel worried for her on many occasions though as she's a girl and also can be rather strange or clumsy in a variety of situations.

Merrybell: Merry seems to be a friend of both Santa and Gareki. She is also a comrade in their adventures together trying to win in a game against Gareki to get tutelage from him. Reve is pretty comfy with her, she's a nice friend to have.

Gareki: Recommended by the high respected Seth, Reve feels that Gareki is someone who he should also very much respect and wants to gain tutelage from. He has addressed him as Mr.Gear for too many times an occasion despite being told to drop the mister which he reluctantly did so in due time. Gareki is very strong and Reve respects that, but he's also super fond as they encounter each other frequently. Just that sometimes he feels slighted as Gareki does not want to take him as a student nor fight him seriously-- to the point where Reve provoked him by breaking his goggles and suffering the consequences of a broken wrist and fractured ribs. He is quite attached and cares so he was very worried about Gareki's sad expression and tried his very best to get them fixed by someone he could trust; Seth, which he now owes a favour. They have plenty fun together though! Reve's family though is slightly wary of this big demon who invades, breaks and runs away with Reve hostage LAUGH. Reve pays close attention to Gareki's strength as a rider and his techniques.

Teru: Teru and Reve have encountered each other many times in various strange occasions, whether with his ChikoTrix family, playing tag, with Cougar and gang and many many others. Teru seems to be all over the place, but he seems to be a nice guy!

Fae: Reve considers Fae to be a social awkward girl who doesn't pay attention to people's opinions about her looks which he considers very important. They have gone shopping together and have conversed about quite a few things such as misunderstandings about Yakuza, her past rider and friendships. They get along well and Reve respects her cheerful strong outlook and she is also the one to lay the final convincing step for him to take off his blindfolds.

Tyler: Strange movie-like person who has lots of money and relations to Trix and Gareki. Reve on crack smoothly took the bucks as payment fee to deliver a paper to Gareki. He'll take the rest of the payment after he has done so.

Shun: This guy seems to like candy. Reve doesn't mind since he has a stock of it, but for the most part is an acquaintance he's been seeing more frequently recently.

Roadie: This guy's love ideals are the exact opposite of Reve's romantic ones as Roadie prefers women for a certain adult business and brags about the quantity of girls in his contact list. Reve dislikes his attitude and also is very persistent in making Roadie stop smoking.

Luce: Strange guy who he played tag with once! He feels a slight dislike for the trolling that Luce does though, and feels a bit competitive with the guy.

Idrys: Seems to be an acquaintance of Gareki and Seth. He feels comfy and thinks that she has a queenly aura.


:iconlaughsplz: sdgsgdssfsdf
Used all my spare time today to do this-- oh I nearly forgot it's Christmas //cries I don't think my family did anything. . . ok wow
And I am so, so, thankful there is FREE wifi in this hotel //abuses
Welp! So I won't be gone entirely the next 3 days then xD
But I'll only have little slots of time I think, unless I sacrifice sleep
:icongyaa2plz: MERRY CHRISTMAS BBY'S

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